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Port Scanner

The definition Port Scanner

As a beginner in the virtual world, I sometimes try to understand things and understand how to show it in the form of text, sometimes I also publish my understanding of the business written in a blog posting. Well, here I will try to memamahi about something new. I will understand what port, what port scanners and for what?

Before you go to the port and port-and stepped on kepemahaman Port Scanner, first, you may also need to understand what IP (Internet Portocol) and then what the proxy.

If there is any explanation or less correct in writing this, but I really hope and with your experts in the virtual world, would align the paper from one of the villages on the slopes of Merapi this. I'm just a beginner or right.

As far as my knowledge and understanding of, or the IP address of a proxy is used to connect the virtual world. Therefore, IP and Proxy can only be used for one address and have a number that is not the same one another. You can use the same IP with a different computer, but you may not have the IP owned or used by other people. The sense is that if you want to have a private IP then you must register with the IP address of a different number with the property of others. However, your IP can be used by many computers or people, of course, with your approval. If the proxy can be by many IP. This is similar to our home address in the real world. While similar to the Proxy PO Box. Computers>> IP>> Proxy.

About Proxy please see my explanation here.

And what relationship with the proxy or IP Port. Although you have your home address a clear and registered in the virtual world, you will not be able to connect to the virtual world or the internet if you do not open a door in your home. Unlike the houses in the real world, you have hundreds and even thousands of doors can be opened and closed at you. This is indeed a door, called the Port. Yes port is the door of the house for your internet.

Thus, you must be connected to the Internet, either via IP or proxy, must also have a port that is open. See examples of the IP or Proxy following:

Now, the number or numbers or a proxy IP address registered in the virtual world and can be used for walk or run in the world these are the vanguard ( If only because the only address you may not wander or receive guests, try to imagine if all of your home closed meeting without windows or doors, then you will be isolated inside, will never be able to receive guests or travel. You can only communicate with people who are in the house itself (yes, if the computer via a wireless network).

If you open the door of your home, guests are sometimes confusion because many cell door is your home. Not easy to know where the door is open or closed in the virtual world. Therefore you must publish or notify your guests if you want your guests do not get lost or fail to be guest-share and share your favorite cake (for example to explain this).

Thus, port or door you need to know where people are open. Number 80 in the back two points that called the port or door. Of course, the port must be open in the state. = IP: Port = Proxy: Port

IP address = = Proxy, door or window = Port.

Then what Port and Port Scanner LOT?

A guest or visitors who want to enter in an address, but the desire know where the door is open (the owner of the house you can only open more than one port, but the guests were told to only one port like you open the door to the port at 80, 5000, 5050, 3128, 8080, but you only tell visitors that the door is open to 80 without giving tahukan the other. Visitors also do not need to know how the doors to open, because the visitors without knowing where the door opens, but if we have a direct view of it can enter.

One visitor, for example, because of certain reasons (allow through the back roads, or because the door is open already crowded with visitors or guests to wander out of the entrance), does not want to enter through the main door. Because many doors in a house, he does not want to spend time with a knock of the door (thousands in number), so he knows where that is not locked, or open. With a small idea, buy or steal it, or request, or find a place in the provision of free, a robot that can be used to search, tap and know where the door is not locked open alias. Yes it is the robots Port Scanner. Robots can be translated with the Software. And the process to search for and find it is called the Port LOT.

I have a sizable long write what Port, Port Scanner What is and What is the Port LOT. Theory without practice will only settle in the memories "while you", memories of the experience is "alive", so you better try.

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