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Placing AdSense ads on Blogs

Blogs are similar to RSS feeds in concept except they usually have one author rather than an aggregate of sources of the material they contain. Blogs (short for Web logs) are simple webpages where you can write articles and other content on a variety of topics, and both the famous and the unknown use these online diaries to share their thoughts, post pictures, and so on. The public can view this content and even comment on it in most cases Due to the considerable amount – and unlimited range – of content on Blogs, it may make sense to place AdSense ads on them. In fact, it is much easier to generate revenue from Blogs as compared to other web pages, at least in theory.

• First, blogs are full of content, most of which is original most of the time. The content may not be “good” from a human reader perspective but it is usually “good” according to Google’s scans. Thus, getting approved by Google AdSense may be easier.

• The content presented on the blog, in many cases, is quite diverse which, unlike a website that needs to be “about something” can be excused by the “everything and nothing” nature of most blogs. Consequently, the possibility of Google finding targeted ads that are relevant may increase.

• Google AdSense works only with those websites that are already indexed by Google. Blogs get indexed far more easily than regular webpages. Some blogs get indexed in as few as two to three days of submission. Thus, the chances of getting approved by Google AdSense increases

• Blogs can be created at practically no cost – much cheaper than commercial websites.

3 Make Money AdSense Tips

Think you can’t make money with Google Make Money AdSense Campaigns? Then think again, as more and more people like you and me are doing it.Google adsense adwords allows website owners to create additional steams of income by placing ad codes on their websites, and when site visitors click on the ads the website owners get paid a commission for the “clicks”.

There is no set amount for the fees paid. Instead, it can range from a few cents per click to upwards of $5.00 or more. I’ve not experienced the “high end” yet, but I’m working on it. I’m getting better and better at identifying high paying Keywords. And the more the keywords pay the greater my commissions are.

What you’ll find that is paramount to your success is your ability to generate lots of high traffic, low competition keywords. While you might think of it as something hard to do, there’s a tool that makes the task elementary, but more about that in a few more seconds.

Here are 3 Make Money AdSense Tips

1. Get Started.

If you’re at all interested in Make Money AdSense Campaigns you should go to Google and sign up for an account. It won’t cost you a dime. Plus, there are lots of free tutorials to fully explain what Google adsense adwords are and how it works.

Additionally, you’ll also learn how to optimize your website pages for greater adsense earnings and higher “click throug” rates. The site is full of useful information designed specifically to help you maximize your earnings. There’s absolutely no reason to not take advantage of all the money making tools and resources the site makes available to you.

2. Niche Marketing

Perhaps the best way to increase earnings from Make Money AdSense Campaigns is through Niche Marketing, a form of marketing that identifies and targets smaller, specialized audiences.

Niche markets are exemplified by the fact that niche markets cater to smaller subsections of larger audiences.

For example, instead of marketing the term “flowers”, you’d target “roses”. While this will result in a keyword term that generates fewer searches, there is often times a lot less competition for it. Consequently, you could end up making a lot more money on a keyword that generates fewer searches.

In the past, uncovering niche markets was near impossible, and when the technology became available it was terribly expensive. However, now it is both affordable and very easy to do.

3. Keyword Selection.

So, how do you go about uncovering hidden, keyword rich niches. Well, its pretty easy to do these days with any one of several keyword research tools, some of which are free.

However, I’ve settled on a Micro Niche Finder that is absolutely out of this world. With it I have discovered keywords that are searched upwards of 60,000 times per month with hardly any competition whatsoever. Plus, I’ve been able to buy up the domain names of those related keywords.

This particular Niche Finder has a function that tells you the strength of competition for the keywords and when I find words that are attractive, but that I have little chance of cracking into the Top 3 with I avoid them and move onto something with easier pickings.

Summarily, if you’re not hosting Google Ads on your websites you’re missing out on a great opportunity to generate passive income. If you already have websites up and running it won’t tale but a few minutes to Monetize it with another stream of income and you should go for it.

Google Make Money AdSense Campaigns are great ways to create Multiple Streams of Income.

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